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06/23/16 - 3:38 PM
Now Hiring - PT Driver - Handicap Accessible
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06/23/16 - 3:07 PM
SNA Weekly Update
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06/23/16 - 1:55 PM
SNA Work Supports Meeting
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06/21/16 - 1:15 PM
Knee Walker Needed
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06/21/16 - 12:24 PM
Window A/C unit needed
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06/21/16 - 9:29 AM
NKCAC is Now Hiring!
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06/17/16 - 1:28 PM
Campbell County Dental Assistance Program
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06/17/16 - 12:08 PM
Greater Cincinnati Latino Coalition Meeting
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06/16/16 - 4:22 PM
Job Opening
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06/16/16 - 3:29 PM
Own your own business-NKCAC can show you how!
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06/16/16 - 3:13 PM
Night of Worship with Hawk Nelson
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06/16/16 - 11:06 AM
University of the Cumberland's Psychological Servi
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06/16/16 - 10:57 AM
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06/16/16 - 10:48 AM
Legal Aid is launching a new website!
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06/16/16 - 10:11 AM
Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky now hiring!
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06/16/16 - 10:05 AM
Foster Care and Adoption Informational Meeting
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06/16/16 - 8:38 AM
Utility Scam Notice
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06/15/16 - 3:05 PM
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06/13/16 - 12:19 PM
A Breakfast Discussion: “Cradle to Career” in Erl
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06/13/16 - 11:49 AM
NKCAC is Now Hiring!
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06/13/16 - 10:23 AM
New Addiction-Family Support Office Open!
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06/09/16 - 2:57 PM
Welcome House is Now Hiring!
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06/09/16 - 10:35 AM
SNA Housing Task Force- Landlord Survey
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06/07/16 - 4:13 PM
Campbell County Dental Assistance Program
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06/07/16 - 8:46 AM
Volunteer Vision Workshop Announcement
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06/06/16 - 1:08 PM
Single Mom in Ohio desperate for assistance
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06/03/16 - 5:24 PM
Now Hiring - Part time LPN
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05/26/16 - 10:48 AM
NAMI NKY is seeking speakers for lecture series
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05/26/16 - 10:32 AM
"Like" NAMI NKY's new Facebook Page
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05/23/16 - 2:35 PM
Mental Health First Aid
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05/19/16 - 3:52 PM
SNA Housing Task Force Landlord Survey
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05/04/16 - 10:24 AM
Neighborhood Farmers Market of NKY Opening Day!
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05/02/16 - 1:52 PM
Housing Opportunities of NKY needs a VISTA!
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04/21/16 - 10:32 AM
Foster Parents Needed!
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04/19/16 - 8:51 AM
Brighton Center is Hiring!
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04/12/16 - 11:35 AM
Good News Feed
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03/07/16 - 10:08 AM
Avoiding Scams-from the BBB
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02/19/16 - 3:44 PM
Foster Parents Needed!
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02/19/16 - 2:50 PM
Volunteer NKY 2016
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01/21/16 - 10:51 AM
Job Corps assistance for homeless 16-24 year olds
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01/07/16 - 2:04 PM
Women's Crisis Center Support Group
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11/23/15 - 1:48 PM
The Future of Health Insurance in Kentucky
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11/19/15 - 11:58 AM
Free meeting space at all Kenton Co. Libraries
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10/23/15 - 2:32 PM
Smart Food Choice Program
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04/25/16 - 12:57 PM
Emergency Shelter of NKY Summer Shower /Laundry Pr
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06/23/16 - 3:38 PM
Now Hiring - PT Driver - Handicap Accessible
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Safety Net Alliance

General Meeting

 Wednesday,July 20th, 2016

12:00-1:30 PM

 St. John's United Church of Christ

415 Park Avenue

Newport, KY. 41071

 Lunch will be provided by

The Butler Foundation and Brighton Center



The Safety Net Alliance of Northern Kentucky was established

to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of safety net services provided to Northern Kentuckians in need.  

The collaborative includes large and small non-profit and faith-based organizations, public agencies, educational institutions, and funders.


 WE need your help!

 The SNA Housing Task Force has been working diligently in an effort to fight homelessness. Our current goals are to create a Master List of Landlords for resource advocates and caseworkers, and to have a master housing list that is searchable, and can be easily updated by the landlords that we can share with customers.

 We need your assistance in our effort to bring landlords to the table and engage them. Please share this survey with any property owners you may know.

Printable Version Landlord Survey Printable

 Surveys may be submitted electronically (preferably), or may be printed and filled out; paper surveys will be collected at the SNA Housing Task Force Meetings in July and August, or at the SNA General Meetings in July and August. We will conclude the survey by August 31st, 2016.

 Thank you in advance for your participation and assistance!


  • Housing Opportunities

    Congratulations to HONK on another beautiful rehab! HONK revealed their latest home on June 9th, and it is amazing! HONK currently has several homes available. Please see this link for more information on HONKs program and the most recent homes available.

    Why Honk is Needed

    Housing — in particular its location — is the primary mechanism for accessing opportunity in our society. Housing location determines the quality of schools that children attend, the quality of public services received, access to employment and transportation, exposure to health risks, access to health care, and more. For those living in high poverty neighborhoods, these factors can significantly inhibit life outcomes.

    Homeownership is proven to build wealth, strengthen communities, and promote both educational and employment achievement in areas where affordable housing opportunities are available.

    Over the past 20+ years, Housing Opportunities of Northern Kentucky has witnessed firsthand the lasting impact that homeownership can make on individuals, families, and communities, proving that making affordable housing available does more than just put a roof over someone’s head, it changes lives and strengthens the neighborhoods we live in.


  • Summer Shower Program

    Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky

    "Emergency Shelter of NKY Summer Shower /Laundry Program"

    The Emergency Shelter of NKY will be offering a summer Shower/Laundry Program for adult men and women. The program begins Monday, May 2 from 12 noon to 4 pm and will run Monday thru Friday. It is a first come, first serve program to the first 15 or so. In addition to a shower and laundry, coffee and snacks may be offered along with fulfilling clothing needs. We are located at 634 Scott Street in Covington. Please call the Shelter at (859) 291-4555 if you need assistance.

  • Family Opens Addiction Family Support Office

    If you have a family member with heroin or opioid addiction, there's new help from a family who's been there.

    That's the message that Carol Wagner is sending to those through her nonprofit Foxfire Foundation's new office, in the Decoursey Building, 3414 Decoursey Ave. in Latonia.

    Wagner's son, Chad Wagner, died from a heroin overdose in Cincinnati in 2005. He was 37.

    Like other parents who've lost their children to addiction, Wagner and her husband, Cliff Wagner, of Fort Mitchell, took their story public in hopes of ending stigma, gaining treatment for those addicted and helping others whose children are fighting the disease.

    Call 859-866-9675 for more information.

    Story by:,

  • Good News Feed

    Why a Good News Feed?

    This Feed is a platform to celebrate the achievements of our Partner Agencies! The goal is to build community by honoring Partner successes, while supplementing the work of the SNA Impact and Marketing Committee.

    How do I share my good news?


    What can be shared?

    Anything that benefits the work of Safety Net Alliance Partners. This includes: promotions, new programs, client successes (with no identifying info), SNA Committee accomplishments, press releases about our Partner Agencies, changes in legislation that support SNA Partner Agencies. If you are sharing a client success, please keep that individual's privacy in mind and make sure not to include identifying information.

    Any particular format?

    Include a headline, and 2-4 sentences about your good news. This should be brief, but can include links to flyers or web pages elsewhere that give more details. 

    How is this different than an Alert?

    The Good News Feed is a location on the site that is solely dedicated to Partner successes. Alerts can contain any kind of information, but this Feed's function is to publicly shine a light on you and your work!

    Photograph Disclaimer

    Safety Net Alliance of Northern Kentucky values the privacy concerns of its Members.  If you object to your image appearing on a photo displayed on this site, please email us and we ill remove it as quickly as possible.  


    Enjoy the Good News!

    -The Safety Net Alliance Website Committee


What's available now?

06/09/16 - 11:29 AM
Large tape tab adult diapers to share
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06/06/16 - 9:07 AM
KyRX-Free Prescription Assistance Program
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05/31/16 - 8:41 AM
Housing Available!
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05/24/16 - 9:06 AM
Volunteer NKY
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05/24/16 - 8:55 AM
Kentucky Unemployment Bridge Program
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05/04/16 - 2:29 PM
Summer Camp at Bright Days
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04/14/16 - 1:44 PM
Cleanslate Ky Felony Expungement announcement
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