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08/21/14 - 4:13 PM
Help for a family
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08/21/14 - 3:38 PM
September Meijer Donations
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08/15/14 - 9:27 AM
Summer K-Count
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08/14/14 - 1:48 PM
SNA Monthly Meeting - August 20th
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08/12/14 - 5:04 PM
Seeking AmeriCorps VISTA MEMBER for Grant County,
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08/12/14 - 4:56 PM
Seeking AmeriCorps VISTA MEMBER for Grant County,
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08/07/14 - 11:33 AM
Part-time Shift Worker Needed
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08/05/14 - 4:12 PM
Clients in need
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07/30/14 - 11:55 AM
BornLearning Academy - Meet and Greet 9/30
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07/30/14 - 11:34 AM
Brighton Center and Catholic Charities are hiring!
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07/30/14 - 11:17 AM
VA Community Outreach Homelessness Programs
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07/30/14 - 11:06 AM
Free / Reduced Price School Lunches - How to Apply
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07/25/14 - 9:49 AM
Request: Boost Nutritional Drinks
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07/24/14 - 2:37 PM
Brighton Center Part-Time Food & Commodity Worker
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07/22/14 - 11:44 AM
KY Child Care Assistance Program Reopening - 8/4
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07/22/14 - 11:33 AM
Brighton Center Part-Time Food & Commodity Worker
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07/17/14 - 2:48 PM
American Red Cross DisasterFair 8/23
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07/16/14 - 1:05 PM
Brighton Center Boone County Emergency Assistance
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06/19/14 - 3:40 PM
NKCAC Head Start - now enrolling
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06/19/14 - 2:04 PM
PIER - In need of new clients
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06/18/14 - 3:15 PM
Plastic Bags!
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06/16/14 - 11:54 AM
Freestore Foodbank Resource Schedule July - Dec 20
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06/10/14 - 2:10 PM
United Ministries change in client hours
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06/09/14 - 9:39 AM
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06/09/14 - 9:27 AM
Good News Feed
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05/30/14 - 11:30 AM
Free Cooking Classes!
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05/30/14 - 11:23 AM
Revised Assessment Times - Welcome House
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05/28/14 - 3:10 PM
Summer Activity Directory
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05/01/14 - 12:19 PM
ESNKY Summer Transitional Shelter for Men - New Ap
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04/07/14 - 8:57 AM
Summer Transitional Shelter for Men Taking Applica
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03/11/14 - 2:23 PM
Family Engagement / Reentry Sessions
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01/27/14 - 1:39 PM
Shine the spotlight on your organization
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09/12/13 - 3:26 PM
Free software! I do declare!
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08/17/14 - 10:05 AM
Weekly Job Lists
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01/10/14 - 3:41 PM
We're in the Enquirer!
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08/15/14 - 9:27 AM
Summer K-Count
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The Safety Net Alliance of Northern Kentucky was established

to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of safety net services provided to Northern Kentuckians in need.  

The collaborative includes large and small non-profit and faith-based organizations, public agencies, educational institutions, and funders.


Next meeting date: 

 Wednesday, August 20, 2014


 St. John's UCC, 415 Park Avenue, Newport, KY


Guest Speaker Panel Topic:  Mental Health 

Representatives from: Families Matter, Catholic Charities, & Mental Health America




For more information on upcoming events and meetings, visit our Upcoming Events page.



Need help using the web portal? Submit a ticket here!

Do you need web portal help? Submit a ticket here!





  • Covington Career Center Opening

    A new career center will offer "free career coaching, help drafting a resume and applying for jobs online, and even free training to learn new skills that make them more attractive to employers." Founding partners include Brighton Center, Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK), Goodwill Industries, and Northern Kentucky Area Development District.

  • SNA On Tour! at Brighton Center

    The SNA Impact and Marketing Committee presented our first ever...
    Safety Net Alliance Partner Tour at Brighton Center on July 29th! Thanks to all who participated.

  • Postal Carriers Food Drive

    Every year in the month of May, the National Letter Carrier Food Drive gives people an easy and efficient way of donating food to families in their neighborhood. It's a simple equation: leave bags of nonperishable food and hygiene items by your mailbox, your postal worker will pick it up, and then it'll get distributed to local foodbanks.

    This drive is critical to area foodbanks and pantries, as they are transitioning out of a long and demanding winter. This year's drive, on May 10, provided ten Safety Net Alliance food pantries and soup kitchens with a whopping total of 40,261 pounds of food!

  • Congratulations to NKADD's Michael Hurysz!

    NKADD Senior Human Services Specialist Michael Hurysz was honored with the Kentucky Association for Gerontology's 2014 Distinguished Practitioner Award at the Kentucky Association for Gerontology Conference yesterday in Pikeville.  He received this award in recognition of his exceptional effort as a service provider for older people in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  The person receiving the award must meet a very specific set of criteria and Mike's 20 plus years of service in the aging field and his accomplishments have merited him this very distinguished award. 

  • Kentucky Childcare Budget Win

    Funding for childcare benefits for working families was “partially restored in the first year and fully restored in the second year of the Kentucky budget. Funding for preschool was also increased from 150 to 160 percent of the federal poverty level – providing access to 5,000 more children. […] This is the first time in eight years that the legislature has increased the state’s investment in early childhood."  

    Find the full article here!



  • Pantries Featured in the Enquirer

    Hot off the presses! Just released today!

    There is an article in the Enquirer by Cindy Schroeder featuring our very own Brighton Center, Freestore Foodbank, St. Vincent de Paul, Action Ministries, Be Concerned, and United Ministries! It also mentions the Postal Carriers Food Drive on May 10, which benefits many Safety Net Alliance food agencies. See the full article here.

  • Welcome to our New Safety Net members

    The SNA Website Committee is happy to share that we are continuing to grow! In the past two months (the middle of February to the middle of April), we've added twelve new individuals and three new partner agencies to the web portal!


    Please help us welcome these new members!


    Crystal Cottrill and John Riedeman, Northern Kentucky Area Development District

    Jamie Linkugel, Brighton Center

    Kyle Green, Duran Sheets and Billie Usrey, Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission

    Amy Wilhelmus, Moore Activity Center

    Sheila Carroll, Rose Garden Home Mission

    Megan McGuffey, Welcome House

    Lizbeth Mercado, St. Vincent de Paul

    Micki Claybern, St. Elizabeth Physicians

    Humana CareSource

    Joanie Kenkel, Union Presbyterian Church

    Krista Newland, NorthKey Community Care

    Melissa Pilcher, Campbell County Extension Service

  • Good News Feed

    Why a Good News Feed?

    This Feed is a platform to celebrate the achievements of our Partner Agencies! The goal is to build community by honoring Partner successes, while supplementing the work of the SNA Impact and Marketing Committee.

    How do I share my good news?

    Submit a Help Desk Ticket, or email

    What can be shared?

    Anything that benefits the work of Safety Net Alliance Partners. This includes: promotions, new programs, client successes (with no identifying info), SNA Committee accomplishments, press releases about our Partner Agencies, changes in legislation that support SNA Partner Agencies. (If you are sharing a client success, please keep that individual's privacy in mind. Do not include information that would

    Any particular format?

    Include a headline, and 2-4 sentences about your good news. This should be brief, but can include links to flyers or web pages elsewhere that give more details. 

    How is this different than an Alert?

    The Good News Feed is a location on the site that is solely dedicated to Partner successes. Alerts can contain any kind of information, but this Feed's function is to publicly shine a light on you and your work!


    Enjoy the Good News!

    -The Safety Net Alliance Website Committee


What's available now?

08/12/14 - 11:52 AM
Offering volunteer help with clerical project
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08/05/14 - 9:13 AM
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06/19/14 - 2:00 PM
2014 Family Stability Workshop Series
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06/10/14 - 11:02 AM
CILO is accepting referrals for PLANKS Case Manage
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